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N.B: The Law Society warn that online/remote Wills are unsafe. We agree, which is why we don't charge for home visits.

A WILL IS ALL I NEED... right?

A Will alone is not a panacea, and cannot possibly solve all estate planning needs.
Total peace of mind about who gets what (and who shouldn’t) often comes from using the appropriate trust.
Trusts are for the mega-rich and are very expensive … aren’t they?
They needn’t be, and shouldn’t be, and the trusts we provide prove the point.
Over 90% of our clients have employed a trust within or alongside their Will.

Have a jargon free chat with us and you’ll understand why trusts are more popular now than ever.
Hint: How your legacy can benefit generation after generation of your family

INCAPACITY: when your family needs a different type of ‘Will’

A Will only takes effect after you die, so what protects your assets should you lose capacity before that?
Your family will be hoping that you have Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) in place!
If not, they'll have no say regarding any decisions affecting your finances, personal or health matters.

An increasing number of LPA attorneys are having problems and legal difficulties because they do not understand their role. Ensure your attorneys have our unique Attorneys Guide. It will make their job so much easier.

The most comprehensively complete LPAs available
No cost to act as your Certificate Provider
Expert advice every step of the way

No matter what your situation...

Single, married, divorced, homeowner, tenant, pensioner, employee, self-employed, company director, business partner, small estate, large estate, newly wed, good health or poor we have a professional service that can benefit you one day.

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